Month: August 2016

Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy

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If you’re looking for a good book to read try Cormac McCarthy’s Outer Dark. Here’s an old review on the novel from the NY Times. Enjoy.

The Larry Brown Short Story Award

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The Larry Brown Short Story Award is now open for submissions at Pithead Chapel!

This year’s guest judge is Kyle Minor, and the winner of the award will win $250.

Please check out the link below to learn more!

Yellowstone Grizzly

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I’ve been traveling the world since October 2015, and seven of the months were spent abroad. In June 2016, I returned to backpack the American West.

Below is a picture of a grizzly I took in July from Yellowstone National Park. It came within 50 ft over our camp. You can see more of my pictures of the grizzly and various other travels on my Facebook and Instagram accounts (links to each account is on the bottom left of this page). Enjoy.