Published Online

“Sand.” The Molotov Cocktail, May, 2012.

“Azaleas.” Ultra, May, 2012. [Defunct].

“Somewhere Amongst the Ashes.” Underground Voices, August, 2012.

“Rising Above the Crowd.” Monkeybicycle, August, 2012.

“Digging Himself a Deeper Hole.” Paradise Review, August, 2012.

“Looking Out for the Dead.” Split Lip Magazine, November, 2012.

“Far From Oxford.” Nib Magazine (United Kingdom), November, 2012. [Defunct].

“My Way.” apt, December, 2012.

“Turning the Other Cheek.” WhiskeyPaper,  January, 2013.

“In Memoriam.” The Portland Review, February, 2013.

“Going Ringside.” Cleaver Magazine, March, 2013.

“Fading the World to Black.” Wilderness House Literary Review, April, 2013.

“The Cold.” Crack the Spine, April, 2013.

“Into the Milking Den.” Hobart, May, 2013.

“The Awakening.” Prime Number Magazine, September, 2013.

“Somewhere in the Mountains of Splintered Wood.” Gris-Gris: An Online Journal of Literature, December, 2013.

“In the Dead Air of August.” Necessary Fiction, January, 2014.

“The Throes of Victory.” Ostrich Review, July, 2014. [Defunct].

“Down at the Doll Plant.” Fiction Southeast, July, 2014.

“In the Waking Hour.” r.kv.r.y quarterly literary journal, October, 2014.

“An Uncontrolled Burn.” decomP, June, 2017.

“After the Man Jumped from the 58th Floor.” Juked, August, 2018.

Published in Print or eBook

“A Prayer for Emily.” Fiction Brigade, September, 2012.

“Looking Out for the Dead.” Split Lip Magazine Anthology #1, August, 2013.

“The Cold.” Crack the Spine: Summer 2013 Anthology, September, 2013.


Published Online

“Cover that Boy with a Yellow Jacket.” Devil’s Lake, May, 2013.

“Stick Your Tongue into a Pasty.” The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, August, 2013.

“When the Plow Broke the Plains.” Shenandoah, October, 2013.

“Rooting for the Redbreast.” Squalorly, October, 2013.

“Raising the Ante.” Gravel: A Literary Journal, November, 2013.

“On Fire.” Cheat River Review, April, 2014.

Published in Print or eBook

“The Killers.” Midwestern Gothic, October, 2013.


Published Online

“For the Taking.” The Rusty Nail Magazine, May, 2012.

“The Young Girl Leaned Over the Virgin Waters.” Menacing Hedge, Summer, 2018.

Published in Print

“For the Taking.” The Rusty Nail Magazine, September, 2012.

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